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At the beginning of every year, there is a traditional family meeting, called „Sabor”, with folklore dance and songs.

Rojenski Sabor- geographic and historical place where every year, during August where Bulgarians from every place of our country, comes to see the national folklore festival.


Through the summer season you can see in the village area the Tulipa rhodopea, included in the red book.

The unique rock forms Wonderful bridges – in Zabardo village.

The biggest „National Astronomical Observatory- Rozhen in the Balkan peninsula. 

The oldest cave in the region Uhlovitsa - in Mogolitsa village.
Shiroka Laka-the village is unique architecture-folklore and ethnographical sanctuary.

The " Devil's Throat cave ", is situated in picturesque Trigrad canyon.     

"Yagodina cave”-
one of the longest  and interesting cave in Bulgaria. It is 3 km. from Jagodina village.

Events and landmarks